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Michael Schumacher receiving G's through the fast Variante Alta chicane.    © Schlegelmilch Photography
Need to reference pictures for your conversions or just simply want to look at some great F1 photography?  Then visit Boris Schlegelmilch's excellent Formula 1 photography site.  You will not be disappointed!
Tips & Tricks on Applying Decals

Decal Conversions

Most people have their own preference as far as which tools or techniques to employ when applying decals. The following list contains some of the more basic tools to use:

  1.)  X-acto knife
  2.)  tweezers
  3.)  jewelers screwdrivers
  4.)  Q-tips ( cotton-tipped swabbs )
  5.)  tissue paper
  6.)  small scissors
  7.)  magnifying glass
  8.)  water
  9.)  small paint brush
10.)  ruler

• You should work in an area with enough light and enough space to work comfortably. 
• The car should be cleaned before the decals are applied.
• Reference photographs are helpful for accurate location of the decals.
• Patience and planning are the key to any conversion.
• Cut only the decals you are using from the sheet to avoid losing or damaging them.
• Soak the decal enough to allow the adhesive to work properly.
• Using decal solutions is not recomended since they break down the decal properties,thus,ruining your decals.  If you need to use them       you can obtain them from your local hobby store.
• The best way to store your decals is to keep them away from sunlight, extreme temperatures & humidity.  These will, over time, destroy your decals.  The quality of the decal also plays a part in it's longevity.
On this page you can find tips & information on decal conversions of your race cars.  It also offers information on how to care for & store your collection.
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Race Cars on a Different Scale.